11 June 2014


Guy Nordenson speaks with Ericka Templeton of Interiors & Sources Magazine about designing for future climate change uncertainty with an adaptable and layered approach. Read more here.

22 May 2014

Guy Nordenson and Associates is pleased to have published a feature article in the May 2014 issue of Civil Engineering Magazine on the structural design and engineering of the newly opened Kimbell Art Museum Expansion. Read the full article here.

16 May 2014

National 9/11 Memorial Museum Unveiled

The National 9/11 Memorial Museum was ceremonially opened by President Obama yesterday and will officially open to the public on 21 May 2014. Guy Nordenson and Associates, working with Davis Brody Bond and Simpson Gumpertz and Heger, devised a method of supporting the approximately 270ft wide portion of the slurry wall within the Memorial Museum, allowing a full height segment of the original wall to be exposed while also providing adequate waterproofing and blast protection.

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15 May 2014

Guy Nordenson (Lecture) from Architectural League of New York on Vimeo.

Last winter Guy Nordenson delivered a lecture at the Great Hall of The Cooper Union as part of The Architectural League of New York’s “Current Work” lecture series. The League recently posted a video of the talk, a portion of which can be viewed above, or in its entirety here. Additionally, the League has also published a conversation between Guy Nordenson and Thomas Phifer, in which they discuss their long history of collaboration, finding poetry in roof beams, and the authenticity of structure. 

15 May 2014

Checking in on the NMAAHC

Construction is steadily progressing for the National Museum of African American History and Culture located on the National Mall in Washington DC. The museum has added a construction camera to track the day-by-day progress—check out the photos and a time lapse video of construction here.

15 May 2014

"Climate Change Demands We Change. Why Aren’t We?" was the topic of the 31st Social Research conference organized by the Center for Public Scholarship at The New School in New York. As part of the conference, Guy Nordenson spoke about natural and structured flood barriers and fostering urban resilience to climate change. 

30 April 2014

Innovators: Building Design and Construction


Please join Guy Nordenson and Associates on Tuesday 06 May at the Museum of the City of New York for a discussion on innovation in conjunction with the current exhibition Palaces for the People: Guastavino and the Art of Structural Tile.

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29 April 2014
Watch live streaming video from nytcitiesfortomorrow at livestream.com

The New York Times recently hosted Cities for Tomorrow, a conference addressing ways of creating urban environments that meet the needs of citizens in smarter and more resilient ways. Guy Nordenson sat down with The New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman and fellow panelists Benjamin Cook, Eric Klinenberg, and Henk Ovink to discuss “Water: The Challenge of Too Much and Too Little.”

29 April 2014

Last Beam for CMoG

Last week the Corning Museum of Glass celebrated the installation of the main gallery’s final concrete roof beam. The beams are closely spaced exposed precast concrete joists that are 4ft deep and 3.5in thick and span up to 60ft between the gallery walls and the steel perimeter structure. 

These roof joists will support a custom fabricated steel skylight structure and will also diffuse light entering the gallery space from above. 

29 April 2014

Yangtze River Delta Project

As part of the research team for The Yangtze River Delta Project (YRDP), exhibited at the Princeton-Fung Global Forum “The Future of the City” in Shanghai last year, GNA is pleased to share the proposal’s publication in Scenario Journal 03: Rethinking Infrastructure.

Recent construction of a new continuous seawall at the East China Sea leaves the region dependent upon a singular flood control mechanism, despite its potential for catastrophic failure at any point along its length. The Yangtze River Delta Project was initiated as a proposal to move beyond the singular hard-infrastructural strategy of the seawall, by designing additional layers of resilient protection thorough the use of redundant soft-infrastructural systems.

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